At the Upper Cervical Spine Center, we value each patient as we would our family. The chiropractors at our office only provide their families and staff with the best care – Upper Cervical Chiropractic. By taking care of the nerve system, we can help a variety of people, from babies to elderly and mild to severe conditions. As much as we would love a patient to say, “I want to see an Upper Cervical Chiropractor to help my nerve system,” we understand that people come to us to help them get relief. The Upper Cervical Spine Center not only helps our patients get relief, but also corrects the cause of the problem.

When the cause of certain symptoms is corrected, the patient experiences relief and much more. For example, a patient may come in for lower back pain, but during the course of care, not only does the pain go away, but blood pressure regulates, sleep becomes more restful, and acid reflux goes away. You see, when most people think about chiropractic, they think of neck and back pain, but Upper Cervical Chiropractic is so much more!

How does this work? By removing interference from the brain to the body, the person can function and heal at their highest potential. The brain controls every part of the body – every cell, organ, gland, and muscle. Everything is designed to function perfectly in unison, but problems arise when there is interference between the brain and parts of the body. Headaches, anxiety, neck pain, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, back pain, IBS, fibromyalgia, and plantar fasciitis are just some of the conditions that occur when the nerve system is not functioning properly.

We love when our patients tell us about how much better they are functioning. It not only helps guide us to provide the care that our patients deserve, but it also makes us love what we do! We are a results-driven practice, so when our patients receive the results we expect, they want to tell the world about it. They ask to write or video testimonials to help the community better understand what our office can do for them. Come into our office and you will see dozens of testimonials on our walls relating multiple conditions being corrected by Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Our team is dedicated to serving our community, and we hope that soon you will choose the Upper Cervical Spine Center for your health problems. We look forward to you being another one of our amazing testimonials!