About Us

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Spine Center helps patients suffering from a variety of conditions.

Our Chiropractic doctors and support team are all dedicated to helping our patients. We gather each morning before our first appointment and review the patient schedule for the day. We discuss who is coming in, how they are progressing, and how we can better serve them. At our Upper Cervical Spine Center, we have one goal for each person that walks into our office and that is to make his or her life better through specialized expert Chiropractic treatments.

Everyone in our Chiropractic treatment center has had his or her life dramatically improved by upper cervical care. We not only teach what we practice, but we also live it. We all get checked and adjusted on a regular basis so we can be at our best when providing upper cervical care to our patients in the different areas we serve.

Locations We Serve

Patients near or far from our Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic are accommodated as we are best able to do so by flexible office hours and flexible scheduling of appointments.
If you can not find an office convenient to you please give us a call and we’ll not only help find an upper cervical chiropractic doctor near you, but will also refer you to the best practitioner we know.