Brain to Body Communication

The brain is the master control system for the entire body. Every body part is coordinated by the brain, allowing every organ, muscle, and cell to function accordingly. If any of these parts of the body are cut off from the brain they simply cannot function. Therefore, the communication between the brain and body is of utmost importance. Problems arise when there is interference between the brain and body. At the Upper Cervical Spine Center, this is exactly what our chiropractors look for. An upper cervical misalignment interferes with the brain’s signals to the rest of the body, causing dysfunction and sickness. Think about it this way: what happens if you are watering your lawn with a garden hose and then you put your foot on the hose? The water loses some of its flow or is completely cut off, and the grass starts to brown and die. This is exactly what happens to your body! When your body is cut off from the brain’s normal messages it results in dysfunction and sickness. By finding and correcting that “kink” at the top of the neck, we can restore the proper messages from your brain to your body, allowing you to function and heal like you should.